Tuesday, December 14, 2010

To Lee, With Love, Nick

To Lee, With Love, Nick is a visual homage to the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen (who tragically took his own life earlier this year) by reknowned fashion photographer Nick Knight. Regarded as a genius by many in the industry, McQueen's outlandish designers were often adored for their artistic qualities as well as for the way they appeared on the body. Knight shoots this moving tribute in a way that beautifully explores the style of McQueen's designs and celebrates his affect on the fashion industry. Set to a soundtrack by Bjork, the footage builds up slowly to a cataclysmic climax. A must see for any fans of the designer.

Tribute to Alexander McQueen by Nick Knight, music by Björk from SHOWstudio on Vimeo.


Yesterday I started my first internship, a placement at newly founded fashion blog styloko.com. As the company is so small I actually get to do some proper journalistic work and my first piece, the beginning article in a series written by me about where trends come from, was published today. Go check it out here!

End of term one!

So term one at London College of Fashion officially ended Friday - and what a first term its been! Moving to London, I had so many expectations of what it'd be like - most of which were very naive and based on silly television programmes. However, I have had so many great experiences since September that I never could've imagined would happen. Here are but a few...
  • Drinking my first cocktail (a Sex on the Beach, naturally) in a bar I didn't get ID-ed for and feeling very grown up
  • Going to Heaven for halloween dressed as Lady GaGa and having to remove my glasses for the bouncer to determine my gender
  • Having several very gay men ask to take photos with me on the same night
  • Grinding up against a variety of different males on the dancefloor of sweaty clubs - with all of the men in question being gay
  • Nabbing free hair cuts at the Vidal Sassoon training salon....and getting my friend to shave the back of my hair off soon after
  • Getting an internship - all of my own back
  • Being put on guestlist for events and feeling famous - and then not showing up to them
  • Modelling for my friend's fashion hair and makeup project
  • Wearing a real pigeon's wing on my head for a presentation about Isabella Blow
  • Meeting Iwan Rheon (Simon in the Channel 4 drama Misfits) and being too shy to say anything
  • Spending too much money and having to beg the bank for an overdraft extension
  • Being late to my first two lectures - and falling asleep in the third and fourth
  • Meeting an amazing set of new friends