Tuesday, December 14, 2010

End of term one!

So term one at London College of Fashion officially ended Friday - and what a first term its been! Moving to London, I had so many expectations of what it'd be like - most of which were very naive and based on silly television programmes. However, I have had so many great experiences since September that I never could've imagined would happen. Here are but a few...
  • Drinking my first cocktail (a Sex on the Beach, naturally) in a bar I didn't get ID-ed for and feeling very grown up
  • Going to Heaven for halloween dressed as Lady GaGa and having to remove my glasses for the bouncer to determine my gender
  • Having several very gay men ask to take photos with me on the same night
  • Grinding up against a variety of different males on the dancefloor of sweaty clubs - with all of the men in question being gay
  • Nabbing free hair cuts at the Vidal Sassoon training salon....and getting my friend to shave the back of my hair off soon after
  • Getting an internship - all of my own back
  • Being put on guestlist for events and feeling famous - and then not showing up to them
  • Modelling for my friend's fashion hair and makeup project
  • Wearing a real pigeon's wing on my head for a presentation about Isabella Blow
  • Meeting Iwan Rheon (Simon in the Channel 4 drama Misfits) and being too shy to say anything
  • Spending too much money and having to beg the bank for an overdraft extension
  • Being late to my first two lectures - and falling asleep in the third and fourth
  • Meeting an amazing set of new friends